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6 Ways Teachers Continue to Promote Student Voice This Year

Summary:  This article makes suggestions as to how teachers can encourage student voice, even when working remotely.  These include connection, collaboration, checking for understanding, providing hands-on learning experiences, and maintaining a learning routine, among others.

Source:  Cheryl Abla, Edutopia, December 8, 2020



3 Best Practices for Nurturing a Positive School Climate Virtually

Summary:  In this article, the author suggests three ways to support a positive climate during remote or hybrid learning.  These include encouraging and honoring student, family and staff feedback, setting standard routines for safe online learning, and providing SEL support for educators.  There are also links to resources that are provided by Panorama Education.

Source:  Nick Woolf, Panorama Education, December 9, 2020



Building Better Relationships With Parents at the Classroom, School, and District Level

Summary:  This article attests to the importance of partnering with parents, especially during remote learning, to help ensure student participation and success.  The author suggests several ways to improve relationships between the school and the home and lists a number of resources that could be helpful in building these relationships.

Source: Heather Wolpert-Gawron,  Edutopia, November 20, 2020



6 Exercises to Get to Know Your Students Better—and Increase Their Engagement

Summary:  This article underscores the importance of knowing more about your students even when faced with distance learning during the pandemic.  Strategies and classroom practices are shared from around the country including a very successful “Laws of Life” project which gave students the opportunity to tell their story through writing, music, art, and other forms of expression.  Similar examples are also shared.

Source: Nora Fleming, Edutopia, November 12, 2020



Relationships, Equity Remain Essential for Curriculum to Connect in Remote Learning

Summary:  This article underscores the importance of maintaining relationships and promoting equity as school leaders cope with the challenges of the pandemic.  Remote learning has presented challenges to the equity issue on many fronts including access to technology and other socio-economic issues but also to the point of racial inequalities and culturally-responsive teaching.  On the other hand, in many places, educators have shown creative ways to maintain these connections and serve their school communities in a period of remote learning.

Source:  Roger Riddell, Education DIVE, October 28, 2020



School Districts’ Most Pressing Social-Emotional Learning Needs

Summary:  This Ed Week Market Brief presents the results of a national survey of 700 educational leaders as what they feel are the most important SEL needs during the pandemic.  The most pressing need was how to how create or maintain an positive learning environment while social distancing is in place.  Other concerns were student and teacher safety, student engagement during remote learning, and mental health.

Source:  Sean Cavanaugh, Ed Week, October 26, 2020



Getting Started With Integrating SEL Into Lessons

Summary:  This article makes the case for infusing SEL into lessons – whether they are delivered in-person or remotely.  SEL can help to mitigate the stress and anxiety that has come with the pandemic and other current struggles in our society.  This article also makes the point about the importance of SEL and equity as well as considering emotions in promoting student well-being.

Source:  Jorge Valenzuela, Edutopia, September 21, 2020



How to Thwart ‘Zoombombing’ in the Remote Classroom: 10 Tips

Summary: This article suggests ways to prevent “Zoombombing” in virtual learning situations.  This has been a problem in some districts where the links to a Zoom virtual classroom have been shared or otherwise been made public.  There are safeguards that can be put in place to protect the security of the Zoom classroom and these should be used in virtual learning.

Source:  Allison Klein, Education Week, September 22, 2020



6 Exercises for Teaching SEL This School Year

Summary:  This article provides access to a guide which provides “bite-sized” SEL lessons that can be used at school or at home.  These mini-lessons were developed by the EASEL Lab at Harvard University.

Source:  Ed Week, September 2, 2020



Educators Find Strategies Fostering SEL, Play for Youngest Students as Coronavirus Continues

Summary:  This article talks about how pre-school students can be encouraged to build SEL skills through playtime and sharing even with the restrictions caused by the pandemic.  Suggestions are made about encouraging play and SEL activities for both in-person and online learning.  

Source:  Lauren Barack, Education DIVE, September 16, 2020