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Prioritizing Human Connection When Social Distancing Is the New Norm

Summary:  This article addresses the question of how we can maintain connections between teachers and students and between students and their peers as schools close to flatten the spread of COVID19.  The author makes some suggestions to make online learning more personal for everyone involved.

Source: Beth Rabbitt, EdSurge, March 16. 2020



‘Conditions for Learning’ Impact Chronic Absenteeism

Summary:  This article reports on research done by AIR that asserts that school and community factors may affect chronic absenteeism.  Among these factors are student health and safety and social-emotional skills.

Source: Linda Jacobsen, Education DIVE, September 10, 2019



STARTING STRONG: How Social Emotional Learning Can Improve Teacher Education

Summary:  This research brief from the Committee for Children and CASEL identifies the gap in teacher preparation when it comes to siocial-emotional learning (SEL).  The article also provides some insight into why SEL training as part of teacher preparation is important.

Source:  Committee for Children/CASEL, March 2019



Schools Require Additional Strategies to Prevent and Respond to Cyberbullying

Summary: While many schools focus on incidents of physical bullying and intimidation, cyberbullying is continuing to grow in frequency. This article covers several forms of cyberbullying and suggests some strategies schools can use to address it.

Source:Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, October 10, 2018

Categories: Anti-Bullying, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), SEL Basics, School Safety, School Culture and Climate



New Poll: Safe and Positive School Environment More Important Than Higher Test Scores

Summary:  This article reports on a poll of registered voters in California concerning school performance.  The article breaks down the results of the poll and reports that creating a safe and positive school environment was one of the top priorities that should be addressed.

Source: Louis Freedberg, John Fensterwald, and Theresa Harrington, EdSource, October 4, 2017

Categories:  School Culture/Climate, School Health, School Safety



What’s the Best Way to Prepare for an Emergency — and How Can SEL Help?

Summary: This article touches on how schools prepare for crisis situations and how to build resilience to deal with trauma before, during, and after an emergency incident occurs.  The author contends that SEL and building relationships is an important step in the process.

Source:  Amelia Harper, Education Dive, September 18, 2017

Categories:  School Safety, School Culture/Climate, School Health, Mental Health, SEL Basics, Positive Relationships