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Civics Is Social and Emotional

Summary: this article reports on a project called “Generation Citizen” which teaches civics through action projects where students pick issues that are important to them and then take action to address the problem at a political level.

Source: Molly McKay Bryson and Scott Warren, Education Week, October 15, 2018

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How Can We Make Service Learning Less Self-Serving?

Summary: This article looks at service learning and the connection between the school and community organizations that the students might serve.

Source:  Kyle Redford, Education Week, February 28, 2017

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Five Steps to Cultivate Service Leaders Through Community Service

Summary:  This article explores service learning at the elementary school level through a look at “Club We Can’ which is an afterschool club for third through sixth graders offering students a chance to learn about local, national, and global issues and to be a part of related community service projects.

Source:  Connie Rensink, Education Week, October 14, 2016

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Inspiring Kids By Teaching Them They ‘Can’

Summary:  This article speaks to the importance of teaching students that they can make a difference and how experiential learning projects give kids the chance to figure out how they can change the world.

Source: Tara Garcia Mathewson, Education DIVE, July 13, 2o16

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How to Find a Home for Service-Learning Projects

Summary:  What does quality service-learning look like in practice? Where does it fit into the school day? And how can it help to transform the learning experience? This article talks about service learning projects that were featured in the National Service Learning Conference in Washington, D.C. in May 2015.

Source: Susie Boss, Edutopia, May 20, 2014

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Empowering Students to Change the World

Summary:  This article from Edutopia talks about empowering students through service learning.  The writer suggests four strategies for empowering students and showing them they can make a difference in the world.

Source:  Chase Mielke, Edutopia, November 18, 2015

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K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice

Summary: Explore standards from the National Youth Leadership Council that deliver clear guidelines for designing and assessing meaningful service-learning experiences.

Source:  Edutopia

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How to Use Service Learning to Engage Kids

Summary:  This article sets forth six strategies for starting meaningful community-service projects:  Let the kids identify a need, Use current events, Involve students in decision-making and project design, Start small and local, Don’t fret over addressing academic standards, and Look for opportunities to make connections.

Source:  Lisa Morehouse, Edutopia, August 3, 2009

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Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

Summary:  Montpelier High School’s service learning program integrates across the curriculum, utilizing a school greenhouse and gardens to provide food for the school district’s lunch program.

Source:  Edutopia, February 3, 2015

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Service Learning at

Summary:  This website provides a number of resources to help you implement service learning as well as other aspects of a successful character education program.


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