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The Key to Effective Teams in Schools: Emotional Intelligence

Summary:  This article talks about the importance of emotional intelligence in building effective school teams.  The article talks about indicators of both high EQ and low EQ in the group setting and also notes the benefits of attending to the EQ of the group as a whole.

Source:  Elena Aguilar, Edutopia, June 29, 2015



3 Ways School Counselors Can Boost SEL

Summary:  This article suggests some strategies that can be used by school counselors to help students acquire SEL skills.  The article notes three key ways counselors, school psychologists, and other student support professionals can promote and strengthen SEL at the middle or high school where they work.

Source:  Maurice Elias, Edutopia, February 12, 2019



Do Teachers Have Sway in School Decisions? Depends Who You Ask

Summary:This article summarizes the results of a RAND Corporation survey asking principals and teachers about teacher influence in making school decisions. The principals felt that teachers had significant input in school decisions while the teachers responding felt they had much less influence.

Source:Madeline Will, Education Week, December 13, 2018

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Cultivating a Strong Staff Culture

Summary:This article talks about building staff culture along three spaces – the physical, the interpersonal, and the historical. By attending to these spaces, school leaders can nourish organizational harmony that can keep teachers and staff engaged for the long haul.

Source:Eric Saibel, Edutopia, November 6, 2018

Categories: School Culture and Climate, Teacher Engagement, Teacher Collaboration, Teacher Satisfaction, SEL Basics



Integrating Social and Emotional Learning Should Be Standard Practice

Summary:This article points to the importance of professional development in helping teachers implement SEL in their classrooms. The article cites three important points – addressing SEL as part of a coherent learning plan, engaging adults in SEL, using a continuous improvement approach in setting goals and monitoring progress.

Source:Stephanie Hirsch, Education Week, October 16, 2018

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Developing Professional Relationships That Work

Summary:  This article shares reflections on the importance of developing positive professional relationships with colleagues and supervisors, offering some “guiding principles” on developing a positive climate.

Source:  Carl Draeger, Education Week, September 27, 2017

Categories:  Positive Relationships, School Culture/Climate, Teacher Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence




From Teacher to Leader: Shift Your Mindset

Summary: This article focuses on the needed shift in mindset when a teacher becomes a leader.  The author shares some thoughts about how to work with others to encourage reflection and as well as the growth mindset.

Source: Starr Sackstein, Education Week, August 1, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Mindset, Positive Relationships, Teacher Collaboration, Professional Development



Woman Leader

Great Leadership Starts With Humility

Summary:  This article talks about leadership qualities that foster collaboration and a positive culture.  Honoring the contributions of others and encouraging building relationships are important leadership qualities to emulate.

Source: Starr Sackstein, Education Week, July 27, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Positive Relationships, Teacher Leadership, Teacher Collaboration




Improve Your Coaching With One Move: Stop Talking

Summary:  This article describes “transformational coaching”, a model that encourages the teachers being coached to reflect on their teaching practice in order to make decisions on their own that further the learning and success of all children.

Source:  Elena Aguilar, Education Week, July 20, 2017

Categories:  Professional Development, Classroom Practice, Teacher Training, Teacher Collaboration



Working together

Teachers Shouldn’t Work in Isolation. Kids Need a Team.

Summary:  This article speaks to the importance of teamwork to provide teachers with collaboration and support. Every teacher needs a friend, a colleague and an administrator on his/her side; this is the only way to make for a happy and long educational career.

Source:  Starr Sackstein, Education Week, July 25. 2017

Categories: Teacher Collaboration, Teacher Satisfaction, Positive Relationships, Professional Learning Communities