Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

SEL301 Syllabus

A Professionally Guided Practicum in SEL/SECD/School Culture and Climate (SCC)

This course is a culmination of the knowledge and skills learned in the first two courses of the Certificate in School Leadership for Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development Program. In this guided practicum participants will work closely with the practicum facilitator to develop a project implementation plan for their respective schools or districts. Similar to the first two courses, participants will engage in dynamic class discussions in both a real-time online meeting room environment and the class discussion forum. There are four pre-scheduled online workshops that take place during the 17 weeks of the course (see workshop calendar for dates).

Learning Outcomes

After completing SEL301 participants will be able to:

1. Translate theory into practice within an educational setting while receiving support through mentoring from the practicum facilitator, a virtual PLC of experts, and a peer learning cohort.

2. Demonstrate the ability to create and promote the implementation of SECD programs and a positive school culture and climate within an educational setting by:

  • Establishing a SEL/SECD/SCC Leadership/Action Team at the practicum site.
  • Assessing SEL/SECD/SCC needs and resources of an organization.
  • Developing and stating goals based upon needs and resources assessments.
  • Working with the Leadership/Action Team to develop and implement relevant action plans.
  • Consulting with resources within one’s learning cohort and the virtual PLC.
  • Maintaining a portfolio of artifacts.
  • Maintaining a reflection/self-assessment journal.
  • Creating a viable three-year sustainability action plan for the SEL/CD/SCC project that is implemented in the setting during this practicum course.

Course Outline and Expectations

This course is framed by the development of a project implementation plan that culminates the three-course certificate program experience. The practicum facilitator will provide feedback to the participants on several occasions during the sixteen-week practicum, which is organized as follows>:

Weeks 1-3: Preparing for Project Implementation: Early Stages of the Culture-Change Process

Weeks 4-6: Project Implementation Phase 2: Recognizing the Influence of Personal Identity and Leadership Style

Weeks 7-9: Project Implementation Phase 3: Identifying Best Practices for Bringing About Positive Change

Weeks 10-14: Project Implementation Phase 4: Challenges

Weeks 15-17: Project Implementation Final Stage: Long-Term Sustainability

This is a pass/no-pass course. A final score of at least 80% is required for successful completion of this course and to be eligible for program completion.

In order to meet the requirements for completion of the practicum course, and thereby be eligible to receive the Certificate in School Leadership for Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development, participants are expected to complete the following:

Expectation #1: Participation in online workshop meetings (40 Points total)

Expectation #2: Participation in Online Discussions (10 points total)

Expectation #3: Initial Action Plan (5 points)

Expectation #4: Initial Journal (5 points)

Expectation #5: Sustainability Plan (5 points)

Expectation #6: Practicum Portfolio (35 points)

Part 1: Narrative Summary (15 points)

Part 2: Artifacts (10 points)

Part 3: Final Action Plan (5 points)

Part 4: Final Journal (5 points)

The Practicum Facilitator

The practicum facilitator is available to assist participants with general questions throughout the duration of the course and serve as a sounding board for sharing implementation ideas and challenges. Participants will have access to the practicum facilitator through email, in the online workshops, and via the community discussion forums.

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